Connect With the Community Through Music

Hire your local KNHB radio DJ for your next Cedar Rapids, IA-area event

Music is a way to bring people together and create an enjoyable, fun-loving atmosphere. That's why DJ Commando prides himself on providing that music in Cedar Rapids, IA.

Along with supporting local businesses and charity organizations, DJ Commando works with local artists. He's the CEO of KNHB radio, where he's also a radio personality. He's committed to providing the best tunes, whether you're commuting to work or getting chores done at home.

If you need a DJ for an event in Cedar Rapids, IA or you want more exposure for your own music, DJ Commando can help.

Your event deserves a skilled DJ

DJ Commando's influence in the music industry has allowed him to work closely with fellow musicians and DJs locally and across the country. As one of the biggest names in radio, DJ Commando is a large part of the entertainment scene in the Cedar Rapids, IA community, DJing at local events, venues and KNHB radio.

From bar crawls to community fundraisers, DJ Commando will give you the best beats to keep the party going. Reach out to your local radio DJ to provide the jams at your next Cedar Rapids, IA community event; call 319-491-0287.